Tuesday, February 12, 2008

performance highlights

As skeptical as many of us are about the AKC encouraging the breeding of working dogs for looks rather than aptitude, I was curious to see whether any of the winning vizslas at the Westminster Dog Show had hunt test titles.

I wanted to post a picture of Ch Russet Leather Boulder's Wild Tok SH -- because while Tok did take Best of the Opposite Sex for vizslas, his Westminster Show is effectively over. And I wanted to at least recognize that his owners hadn't neglected his genetic predisposition and taken him out successfully for his Senior Hunter.

Incidentally, I met my first vizsla, Daisy, in Boulder -- but I have no idea if she was a Boulder Vizsla like Tok. In any case, well done, beautiful golden boy!


For those of you looking for more cycling coverage, I came across Podium Cafe. At least Chris has pulled together some resources to help those of us trying to pull together fantasy cycling teams for the Tour of California. My picks are Levi, George, and an outside chance from Tommy D. with Team Slipstream. (As of today, it looks like he IS now riding the Tour of California!)

For those of looking for a different kind of cycling coverage, I just found an old friend from Ann Arbor (and then from Portland, OR) who appears to have started his own wool cycling clothing company, Wabi Woolens. Harth always had a thing for fine woolen cycling gear. Buy some. You won't regret it.


Quixotic Bicycles said...

Meat chocolate and wool undies. Good times!

When do you guys fly around the world? I'm worried I'll loose my one reader for a few weeks... You should bring a little dish with you.


Andrew Campbell said...

Eric: We fly out tomorrow, Valentine's Day! With the flight times and times zones we don't get in till Saturday (on the way back, though we arrive the same day we left!) We leave for the frozen taiga on Sunday and will probably be out of touch for that whole week.


Eric said...

Have a good trip! Fly safe, and enjoy.