Tuesday, April 15, 2008


First of all, thank you to Rocket for giving us our first virtual award. We are so very pleased. I will be sure to pass on your good wishes to Their Majesties.

In keeping with the spirit of the award, we, in turn, would like to recognize some bloggery friends and favorites of our own. To those in the blogroll who didn't get a mention, we still love you, I promise.

1) Family first: Makin & Tessa: Lael & Neil deserve lots of credit for keeping their red dogs occupied and entertained with agility.

2) Two-fer #1: to the lady who inspired our whole bloggery attempts: this is for Denise. Lots of great pictures, exciting adventures, a great outlook on life, and a couple of fabulous pound-puppies, Yellow Dog and Black Dog, aka. Cody and Sally. Anything you want to know about hand-building custom bicycles can be found at her husband, Steve's blog.

3) Two-fer #2: Ziggy deserves an award for helping Pesto get acclimatized and settled in her new home. Kudos to Ziggy and Pesto's parents for finding a home for a pup of mixed and uncertain heritage. Pesto's blog is a diary of her parents' attempts to help her stay calm in the face of random, loud noises.

4) And for her own special brand of analysis, my sister-in-law, Annie-bagsh, for her efforts to chart her life in and love of Mongolia. Jenkin Mongol.

5) Here's a blog that when I found it I immediately recognized it as a place to keep going back to. Smart folks that treat smart dogs like everything they are and nothing they aren't.

6) Here's another of my favorite iconoclasts, Jim, The Unholy Rouleur. If you want the amusing rants of an active amateur bike racer, then Jim has them. His newest rant about 'guns and god' is another priceless take on current events.

7) Briccolage: here's a couple of sites that have a little bit of everything and something about dogs: Dan + Margaret's coursing dog photography blog, ShotOnSite, and Steve Bodio's Querencia on all things natural history, falconry, archeology, and Central Asia.

We are flattered. Really. And to all of our readers, and especially relative newcomer Bill of The Black and Tan Bombshell who clocked in today as our 5,000th visitor, thanks for coming to visit.


Jim said...

Thanks for the linky love Andrew.

denise garro said...

We are proud of you........Glad to know I could of inspired you......D

BlacknTan said...

Thanks Andrew!
Wow, the 5,000th visitor.. Quite a milestone. I stop in a read every day, and have to salute you for the job your doing.. I already know the fantastic job you've done with Momo, and, I bet Jozsi is hot on his heels..
Don't forget those Black Setters, though..