Monday, April 28, 2008

dogglers in action

Episode Un: Craig Koshyk appears to be back in the bloggery business. Craig teaches photography, is compiling a book on the European versatile breeds (of which the vizsla is one), and hunts. I lost sight of him for a while after his beautiful Weimaraner, Felix, passed away in September 2006 -- and am very pleased to see that he is back taking pictures.

He did post this entry which features some video from a show on CBC. Check it out. Even though it's mostly in French, watching his Weimaraner, Souris, and his friend's long-haired Weimaraner, Quell, work the woods for ruffed grouse doesn't require any mastery of the language. Although about a minute in, Craig does say something like this: "C'est vraiment un plaisir de voir chasser les chiens, et les voir arreter..."

Episode Deux: the Red Girls have posted recently -- and have video. Magic! In all seriousness, watching those two honor each other naturally is fabulous. It's like synchronized swimming... except in a field and without a swimming cap. However dull it might seem to some, watching a pointing dog catch scent and freeze is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

One of my favorite Momo points can be found here.

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