Monday, May 5, 2008

temporarily absent

When my wife starts hassling me that I haven't blogged in a while (and doesn't accept the answer "But I'm just sitting over here!"), you know it's time to put up an entry. It's the quiet season at work and my friend, Ed, had pulled this video up before the day started today. I used to listen to a bunch of country music but never really heard Brad Paisley till now. In any case, I'm really much cooler online, too.

"ONLINE" Brad Paisley Music Video

I still have a couple of draft posts that are waiting for information before I post them, but in the meantime here are some highlights.

1) Momo tested positive for anaplasmosis on his recent SNAP4 test. Anecdotally speaking, I have heard that anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis are the two tick-borne diseases on the rise here in the northeast. Happily, though, his secondary CBC test showed no effect on his immune system -- and so no treatment is necessary.

Heeding Pat the Terrierman and Kim's advice, we skipped the Lyme vaccine for the boys this time around.

2) We're thinking about heading up to the Katahdin GSP Club Hunt Test up at Sharpe's Farm in Hopkinton, NH, at the end of the month to try and round out the boys' respective test titles.

3) Back in January while blogging about what pedigrees and titles should mean to the prospective owner, I mentioned Bill Gibbons's Magma Birddogs website and had posted a picture of Upwind Kismet Rapid Fire (aka 'Mason'). I was browsing some back issues of the Vizsla Field and discovered that Mason had won the National Vizsla Association's National Quail Classic back in October. One heck of a dog!

Along the way I discovered Grace Anne Lawson's Ricochet Vizslas blog. Her good friend, Dave Pomfret, handled both Mason and Colonel, the first- and second-placed dogs at the Quail Classic. For those of you interested in the tribulations of field-trialing your vizsla, her blog may be a good place to start.

4) Joshua Foust at the excellent Registan posted recently on the posturing between Georgia and Russia. This has included claims and counter-claims that a Russian fighter jet shot down an unmanned Georgia spy-plane over Abkhazia. The Guardian has short video footage of the alleged missile-attack. Reuters has also recently reported that the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) will shortly send a mission to encourage the two sides to talk. I wonder how such a conversation would look once Kazakhstan, as opposed to current chair-nation Finland, assumes control over the OSCE.


Quixotic Bicycles said...

Blond dude is a bit Biff Tannen-ish, eh?

I can't believe I sat through most of a country video....

Andrew Campbell said...

I had to check who Biff Tannen was, but yes, McFly, you are correct.

Hopefully you at least made it to the "I can't sing?" section.

In a strange coincidence, Pat the Terrierman posted Brad Paisley's 'Ticks' video on his blog back on Sunday.