Tuesday, May 13, 2008

happy birthdays

First of all, a retroactive happy birthday to my brother, Alastair, whose birthday was on Sunday!

Second of all, a happy birthday to Steve of Coconino Cycles fame! It's been a tough couple of years for him, but he's one tough cookie. Here's a pic of Steve muscling his way around Sedona on his hand-bike. Denise has a few good pics of their most recent ride in the red-dirt.

Third, and most important of all, May 13th is also the happy first anniversary for Mr. Enthusiasm, a.k.a Lurch, a.k.a. The Evil Genius, but best known as Jozsi. Check out the pictures! Can you believe how big he is after just one year?

As you can see, though, he has maintained his feistiness since Day One. The picture of him sparring with Momo was taken just two days after he arrived here in the Bronx. Incidentally, the word 'feisty' has a nice canine origin. From the American Heritage Dictionary:
"Feist, also fice, is one of several regional terms for a small mixed-breed dog. Used throughout the Midland and Southern states, feist connotes a snappy, nervous, belligerent little dog—hence the derived adjective feisty, meaning "touchy, quarrelsome, or spirited," applicable to animals and to people."

He's had quite a year... and the omens still look like he might become a genuinely phenomenal bird-dog. For those that have just joined The Regal Vizsla, Jozsi pointed his first quail and then retrieved the downed bird to hand two days shy of 5mos old! (He hasn't retrieved a bird-to-hand since!) He has pointed quail, pheasant, woodcock, and chukar to date -- and will hopefully get some extended exposure to grouse in October -- and was awarded the first two legs of his Junior Hunter at 11mos old. Hopefully I can iron out a few schedule wrinkles and can take both boys up to NH to finish out their respective certifications at the end of the month.

He is one hard-running bird-dog, but for all his sulphur and mustard, Mr. Crazy Pants is a sweet, cuddling monster. Just as he was from Day One. Happy Birthday, Mr. Enthusiasm!


BlacknTan said...

Reminds me of the old Beatles tune..... I heard it's your Birthday... Gonna' have a good time.....

Happy Birthday Jozsi!! And many happy returns.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Jozsi! Maybe you will get lucky and your dad will make you a nice dog food and cream cheese cake!

Rocket said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOZSI! My how you have gown. I know you'll make your mom/dad proud of you.

Rocket said...

AWSOME slide show on the side bar. Where do you get this stuff?

Andrew Campbell said...

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. His Enthusiastic Majesty is most appreciative.

I saw Slide.com at Pat the Terrierman's site, but decided I really liked the '8mm' slide format option. I think you can go directly to the site by clicking on the icon.


denise garro said...

thanks for the Garro mention....we had a great gathering of friends...wish you two could of been there.....steve woke up to a white birthday.....the moisture is great. the trails are in perfect conditions....happy trails...D

Quixotic Bicycles said...

I dig that your dog supersedes family in the birthday roll out!

While there are certainly a few feists running around town, you may also be interested in Feist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-zUgiKPzt8

A little more funky then that country stuff- albeit a guilty pleasure non the less. Some good comes from Canada... that and http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086373/

Happy belated birthday to the lot!

Andrew Campbell said...

E (or Q): Whatever happened with your potential international incident?

You may remember that I have a fleece sweater deliberately embroidered with 'Hoser' in honor of Doug & Bob. Now I need to get my wife watch that flick.

D: we would have loved to have been there... for the occasion, for the company, for the weather... and Martans. Sorry. Another Homer Simpson moment.


Quixotic Bicycles said...

Incident avoided, cold war over =)

More word to come shortly!