Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It's been a tricky couple of days -- we had planned to go up to Hill & Hollow Pointer and Retriever Club in Berkley, MA, but sadly Momo cut two pads on one of his rear feet and is now on light exercise, lots of triple antibiotic, and EMT Spray.

So, wearing his best Elizabethan collar, I left Momo out of his kennel, but alone, for a few hours while Jozsi and I went out to Long Island to meet up with Bill of The Black + Tan Bombshell fame. I have known Bill since we first moved to New York -- it's funny that we now both have blogs. Bill has met Momo and I wanted him to meet Mr. Enthusiasm, as well. Although to be honest, the real point of the expedition was to go out and shoot skeet with him at his club. Here's a picture of Jozsi running around in the woods, trying to move quickly to avoid the ticks.

Whiole we had hoped to train on quail this week, it's been nice to take advantage of Jozsi sight-pointing all the various robins in the woods to get him accustomed to 'whoa' and, perhaps as importantly, to see Momo begin to twig that when his brother is holding a fierce point that he should perhaps honor his brother's intensity. Craig Koshyk has just posted some video of his own recent efforts to get a younger Pont Audemer Spaniel to honor by having him back his Weimaraner, Souris, on-point. There are some gorgeous moments in there.

The next picture is what you can expect from two ferocious vizslas. As ever, wrestling is fun, wrestling next to Dad is better, but wrestling on Dad -- maybe even occasionally kicking him in the head or nipping him out of excitement -- is absolutely the best.

Hopefully The Mominator's feet will recover soon so we can actually start training again. For now, though, the next most exciting thing on the schedule is meeting up with our friend, Laura, who also has her own blog and her husband, Todd, on Friday and hitting one of our favorite NYC restaurants, HanGawi. Korean, vegetarian, very very tasty.

For those of you either following the friction between Georgia and Russia (or wondering how to spell 'Abkhazia'), Anne Applebaum at Slate has a concise overview of why few in the White House are giving it much attention either.


BlacknTan said...

I have to say that having met Jozsi for the first time was quite a thrill. I'm looking forward to future meetings with Jozsi and my old friend Momo together.

Meg said...


few pictures I love as much as ones with teeth, tangled limbs, and Jozsi gnawing Momo's leg! Fun with vizslas!

Love, Meg

Rocket said...

The wrestling pictures are awesome wish you guys were near my backyard OH what fun we could have.

Jozsi RUN! don't let those ticks get you!

besucherin said...

Greetings from Germany and Falco my Vizsla...

Die Iloveyourside Besucherin

besucherin said...

How are Momos Pads are doing?

Die GreetingsfromGermany Besucherin