Friday, May 23, 2008

bonus round

Here are a few bonus pictures from our training day, courtesy of Sally's mom, Jen. The first picture is of Momo holding a lovely point, while I walk in to try and flush the bird and pop the blank pistol. This was early in our first run with Sally before we were all getting frustrated with the birds that wouldn't fly.

The next pic is of Sally, doing what she does so very well, hang out on point while all the humans figure out what the heck is going on. And while we blundered through the brush, kicking up grass, throwing our hats at quail, and cursing brambles, she stood around and waited for us to get our acts together. She's awesome.

The final pic is of the search-and-destroy machine that is Mr. Enthusiasm. He's pretty much a nose and a jet propulsion system. For all his speed, he did actually pull a couple of genuine skidding-to-a-stop points. I'm actually starting to think that his nose is coming along really well -- which is good because the rest of him is about 50yards ahead.

In other news, I did see that my name is on an approved judging panel for a pointing dog hunt test for the first time. So, it sure looks like I'll be headed up to Windsor Locks, CT, in two weekends or so.

In the meantime, for those of us either living in the United States or from the U.S. living overseas, please take a moment this Memorial Day weekend to remember those who have given their lives in the military. Whatever your political affiliation, we can ask no more of anyone.


denise garro said...

boy look at all your visitors on your blog.....hope you and Meg are well....miss you guys....D

Andrew Campbell said...

D: yeup, that map is pretty cool! it's nice to see our first visitors from Iceland, Bulgaria, and Malaysia on the map.

Looks like you're having a nice spring in Flagstaff. Actually it sounds like Mongolia: Annie just posted that it went from 85degsF and sunny to 36degsF and threat of snow.

We miss you, too.


Brisztow Jones said...

Good luck in two weeks! I wuff the slide show and have copied your idea. Sweet!

When are you bringing my Bronx friends to visit me?

Brisztow Jones.