Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This is the first post for 'The Regal Vizsla'... I am quickly realizing that I have unwittingly ripped-off my friend Paul's screenname, The Regal Begal, for my first blog-attempt. But if I can post anywhere near the quailty of pictures that he takes, then this first accident will actually be flattery.

With flattery in mind, I owe the motivation to build this blog to Denise and Steve Garro of Coconino Cycles fame. You can find them here. In addition to making beautiful bicycles, Steve is one of the toughest guys I know... and for all the crap that goes with being broadsided by a pick-up at 40mph, he's an inspiration for guts and determination. Denise is also an inspiration for helping him get through the multiple surgeries, the rehab, and the learning to walk.

I went on a bike ride in Flagstaff with Denise once. I am still broken. And not worthy.

This blog, nevertheless, has a dog as its starting point... his majesty, Widdershins Momchil, a.k.a. Momo. He will shortly turn two years old and this blog is a tribute to the incredible change a dog can bring to your life. However, he and I would be nothing without the love and support of my wife, Meg.

Clif Boggs has written one of the major monographs on vizslas titled, startlingly enough, The Vizsla. Somewhere toward the front of the book he wrote this: "Vizslas lead owners on paths they never before dreamed they would follow." This blog is, in several ways, a map of those crazy paths, those already passed and those on the horizon.

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