Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a short history of dogs: part 1

While His Majesty is the most recent canine member of the family, it might amuse you all to see a short history of the dogs in my life. We never had dogs in our family back home in Scotland (nor cats, for that matter). I think my parents were wise enough to know that neither I nor my brother would be genuinely capable of raising a dog -- and that we were all too busy to give a dog a life it deserved.

But then, maybe two years ago, my mother found this wee classic in the folder of old pictures. July, 1968: yours truly at 8mos old fascinated by a friend's dog. Sadly her name is forgotten, but she must have been a dear to let me pull on her face. Who would have known that dogs would be such a part of my adult life?

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