Wednesday, June 6, 2007

happy day

Today is is His Regal Majesty's Birthday! Hoorah. Momo is two years old today. He's quite the character -- and as soon as I figure out how to post video on here (without using a web-based hosting site), you'll get to see some of it.

The first pic is of him when he was just three months old -- and roughly three weeks after he had joined Meg and me. It's really funny to look at his puppy pictures and see his face and his personality on such little, stumpy legs. The second picture is of his first birthday, also in Maine, and I'm guessing from where we are shortly before/after he had romped around with Lida, his first true love (even though she's one of those German shorthair pointers). Even though they've only seen each other once in the last nine months, they whined with joy when they saw each other.

Anyways, this is our little boy turned clown prince. Wish all your dogs a happy day on his behalf!

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