Sunday, June 17, 2007

messing with our tiny tiny minds...

This whole team is just messing with people. I feel as though the Dauphiné Libéré was just a big training ride for the whole Astana team... 'okay, Andrej, today is the day you win; Tony, tomorrow it's you...' And while much may be made of his losing time in the mountains, Alexander Vinokourov reminded everyone today that he'll win when he feels like it.

Cadel Evans had yet another great podium ride. I hope he gets a good Tour this year, he's so close to being outstanding. Now whether Christophe Moreau can get anywhere in his national race, that remains to be seen.

In other news: had a nice afternoon shooting sporting clays with Ed. Now if I can just figure out the best way to hit either a) long loopey battues or b) rabbits, I'll be most of the way there.

And in honor of my pop here's a great picture for FATHER's DAY: me and the man back in September, 1969, when we lived in Malta. We're in the square in front of St. Paul's Cathedral in Mdina; our house looked into the square, as well. From what I gather, I used to love playing on the cannons.

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