Wednesday, December 12, 2007


1) UM Football Coach needed:
Brian at MGoBlog has an amusing transcript from an alleged interview between U.Michigan and Les Miles of LSU. What I think he intends as spoof is sadly how I really read this sad state of affairs.

And I have to believe that Dan was right about Brian's commentary, that it really might be the best site for Michigan sports. I feel compelled to include it on my blog-roll, too. Especially after this nice spitting of Billy Martin.

Jerry Moore at Appalachian State looks pretty good to me. Seems like a nice guy, too. But he has no sailing experience. Nor jowls. As for Les Miles being done with UM: two words: Nick Saban. And I don't trust him much either now.

2) The Ice-Storm approacheth:
Just when I thought I might be able to get the boys out to chase some birds again, we go and get our first really crappy winter weather on the horizon. Meg's brother, legendary in most of Central Asia, and known simply as Johnny-bek, is frozen in in beautiful Kansas City. Happily his time spent living in former-Soviet apartment buildings has prepared him well for the joys of unreliable, intermittent electricity.

Need to head to bed. But hopefully we'll have some exciting technological updates from here at Team Vizsla -- NYC chapter.

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Dan & Margaret said...

Two new words: Rich Rodrigues. But of course, it's too public now, so all we've succeeded in doing is making him an even richer WVU coach. He's an "A"-lister, though.

Did you follow the link on Brian's blog about how Urban Meyer came to be at Florida. I don't know how the FL guys were able to - literally- fly under the radar so well, but that's what the Michigan folks need to do. You could make a movie out of that stuff!

I say take a chance on Chuck Martin! :)