Thursday, December 20, 2007

things must be winding down...

We tried to get out and chase birds today... the weather was lovely... the 30% of precipitation didn't materialise, and so we zipped around in the sunshine and occasional cold breeze. I wanted to get up to Stewart because my secret sources had found a stocking schedule that was supposed to include this week. But when we got there, the main gate was all locked up and no-one had been up the access road since the snow last Thursday.

It would have been nice for them to have left either a message on their phone-system -- or even a note on the front gate. Who knows if this means they're now done for the season.

So we jetted back down to Stirling to see if there was any evidence of ditch-chickens. There was none. Lots of rabbit and deer tracks, but nothing resembling Big Bird (who we gather may be in Hovd, Mongolia). So, here's a little video of the two boys... grouse-bells, flapping ears and all.


Rocket said...

Where did you get the vests? I like the way they come round the font of the chest. We had a lovely sunny day at the local bark park. Hopefully Rockets dad can get him out for a snif in the field tomorrow. I'm still nursing plantar faciatis on my right foot and can't walk/run/jog/stand for very long. I do miss our walkies.

Dan & Margaret said...

The ground.. it's so white! What causes that? Wait.. it's coming back to me now.. that's why we got the motor home and leave Michigan and the midwest every Winter the last 4 years... ;^)

Good looking dogs.

Andrew Campbell said...


Jozsi is wearing Momo's former vest because, as we discovered this season, Momo has lost a couple of pounds but is now bigger in the chest than he was a year ago... and so his half-sleeved vest was actually rubbing him on his tummy. Boooh. And so while Jozsi is now only 4lbs lighter than Momo (!), he is still slimmer in the chest, so it fits him great.

Jozsi's half-sleeved vest is from ; Momo's vest can be found at

You have a rocking coat all your own! Sorry your mom's foot is still hurt.