Sunday, December 23, 2007


The weather is crappy again -- and so we missed another chance to go chase birds with Bob and Belle. Time is running out. It actually makes me sad to think we're taking the boys to training camp in just over a week -- even if they'll have a great time and emerge like even bigger super stars.

And so, while Meg has been a real trooper taking Their Majesties out in the crappy weather, I decided to do my part to take some of their edge off. This is how we do it here in the Bronx... full on and no safety net!

Now all of this pales in comparison with the video-clips from Annie's jam session. I like #5 the best, mostly because I keep imagining the two dudes wearing knit-caps and singing khoomi-style throat-singing are going to break out into a Tom Araya impersonation.

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Ulaana said...

Thanks Andrew! When you come visit, I'll show you some more clips!
Merry Christmas