Tuesday, January 29, 2008

how quickly they grow...

Rich sent me some recent pics of their Ella + Khumbu -- and yowza! I think they should maybe have called him Godzilla, or Son of Kong. Here's two pics: one from when we first met the 9week-old monster-to-be; the second of what the two of them look like now.

Rich seems to think that, seeing as his father was 63lbs, Khumbu might also break the 60lb barrier. I guess he just weighed in at 40.5lbs at 6mos old. You're going to need a bigger truck!

After talking to Rich this weekend, I called Hank Rozanek at Rozanek Kennels out in Nebraska. Rozanek is the home of Rebel Rouser Vizslas, one of the longer-established and most successful vizsla bloodlines. (Jozsi is about 80% Rebel Rouser, while Momo is about 50% Rebel Rouser.) Happily, Jozsi's father, Rebel Rouser Smokey is a modest 55lbs -- so he'll probably be bigger than Momo, but not too much.

In any case, here's a pic of our two taken while Jozsi was less than 3mos old.


I have a new terror alert widjit on the Regal Vizsla, courtesy indirectly of Dave's Chaotic Soliloquy. Just trying to keep it real. Especially for as long as the Republican Party keeps selling fear and the Democractic Party keeps buying it (from our friends at Slate).


Rocket said...

We have a big boy ourselves .... Rocket is 24" tall and so far he's tipping the scale at a whopping 63.5lbs. He doesn't look that heavy until you wrestle with him and he does a body check into you! Then you feel the 63.5lbs!!!

Tecumseh said...

Haven't checked in for a long time but wanted to see how your boy was doing down south. Hope all is well. My girl went into season a little while ago so she is out of the upcoming trials. Hopefully she will come out and be able to run in the Tampa trial before I pick her up next month. See ya.

Andrew Campbell said...


Nice to hear from you! Since we last spoke, plans changed slightly -- so while both boys are still with Bob, he didn't need to take a bunch of dogs down to FL to earn their FT points so he stayed in MD. But the overall prognosis is that Momo, while a stubborn son-of-gun, is still tracking properly with his retrieve.