Thursday, January 24, 2008

vizslas ahoy

This lovely young lady is Barben Sugar Magnolia, a.k.a. Maggie. Maggie lives with Kat + Rich in Louisiana. Kat was in the Peace Corps with my wife, Meg, in Kazakhstan -- as they say, before Peace Corps got all cushy out there in Central Asia.

From what I gather, Kat + Rich got Maggie after hearing how great Momo had been as a pup. And now they know just how awesome their old golden love-monster is.

From what I gather, Maggie has had some exposure to birds and has even done a hunt test. And, the funnier part is, she has even spent some time (unbeknownst to us until this point) with Bob at Cliffside. The Barben dogs sure are good-looking, and Maggie looks like the belle of the ball.

In related news: I hope to do some skeet shooting with Rich from the Team Vizsla -- Eastern MA chapter. He and Adrian are nearby for a wedding, but sadly Ella and Khumbu are at home being spoiled. We'll see how he does with that fancy new shotgun of his.

In unrelated news: if whoever the folks are who are visiting this site from what looks like Nunavut in northern Canada and from Talinn, Estonia, on my Feedjit map, please leave a comment. I hope there's something interesting here for you on the Regal Vizsla.


Dan & Margaret said...

Ah, they're like the foreign visitors to my page... they were looking for the image of the two deer screwing. Before that, there was a spate of searches for the cover photo of the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" album. If you have some inkling what that's all about, plese tell me! :^)

Andrew Campbell said...

Well, your request to the guy from Holland inspired me. I seem to have recent visitors who were looking for info on the Houndsman dog-box we drive the boys in.

All these site-meters are pretty cool, though.


Rocket said...

I've now added the Widget thingy-doo-bob to Rockets Blog. Got me curious who's been lurking out there. The little monster has been treated to day care the last few days and is completely crashed tonight. He must think we're trying to kill him!

Dan & Margaret said...

Andrew.. I admit to having a secret: The "guy" in the Netherlands is actually a woman who happens to be the breeder of Sandia's grandad, and owner of his grandma.

Today I had a visitor from Bulgaria.. search term: "Men's big penis balls". I think I really need to go public with that one. :)
How did they get to Hare Brained Express? A couple years ago I had a post called "The Biggest Penis". Check it out.

Ulaana said...

A couple things...
I've been corresponding with a PCV in Aktobe, Kazakhstan who has WIRELESS internet in his house! POSH CORPS! The PC director that is here now, said that Mongolia is one of the few countries left where you can have a "real" PC experience.
Additionally, I have totally random people reading my blog too. That Feedjit map is crazy!
za, bayarstai nedz min

Andrew Campbell said...

Dan: my bad! I should have recognized Anke's name as belonging to a woman, but still that's a cool intercontinental connection. At least I know who one of the people in Mongolia who's checking out my site. Annie has no idea either who the other person from Erdenet is who's checking out her blog, too.

Rocket: now you have this to look forward to!

Annie: wireless internet?! Does that mean that folks who can see the giant antenna in Olgii can now watch You-tube?