Sunday, January 27, 2008

Team V. reunion

Sadly there were no dogs present for the occasion -- but, as hoped, I was able to meet up with Rich (and his uncle, Bob) at Thunder Mountain Skeet Range over in Ringwood, NJ. Rich was in the neighborhood for a wedding -- and while Adrian, being part of the bridal party, was obliged to attend a post-wedding breakfast, Rich took the opportunity to come over and get some shooting in.

Now, if you've never shot skeet, it can be pretty intimidating. But for a guy who hasn't shot a lot -- and not at all with his new shotgun -- Rich did pretty great. (Bob looked like a complete ringer after his first eight or so shots from High 1, but sadly faded.) I shot somewhere between Roy Orbison and a mole. Most importantly, though, we had nice weather and good conversation.

And Rich showed me some pics of their 'little guy'! Holy Christmas, Khumbu's going to be a tank. And a fine looking young fellow, too.

And yes, I am growing a beard again in the vain hope that it might stop my face from freezing in Mongolia.

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Ulaana said...

You might wanna rethink the beard. It might make your face colder as it will ice over....