Wednesday, March 19, 2008

random trip pictures

I have now been bullied by my wife and father-in-law for more pictures from our lighthouse trip. And so here they are. We have vizslas breaking the local speed limit, at rest (and as ever, even happier to be sleeping on someone), and gleefully coming to their mother.

I sent Wendy at Widdershins a couple of pictures of the boys -- and we shared how Jozsi reminds her of her original foundation stud, Upwind Deacon's Apostle, (aka. 'Posse'). Posse is Jozsi's great-great-great grandfather through his mother, Gemini, and the father of Woody, Jozsi's grandfather who had an equally distinguished puppy bird career.

Blog notes: Folks can see the comments from Shawn Wayment in the last few posts, but I put Shawn's blog, BirdDogDocChronicles, in the blogroll. While I love having pics of Momo with chukar in his mouth, it's great to read the adventures of someone trying to find those wild, wiley, western chukar. Shawn's also got nice taste in bird-dog literature.

Thanks also to the folks at Upland Feathers - I've had their blog on my roll for a while, but on my periodic check-in noticed they had reciprocated (and that I had missed the opportunity to get some free pheasant chicks from the NYS DEC).


denise garro said...

You have some spoiled critters....Good to see you guys had a good trip....Free Tibet......D

Rio Rocket said...

I don't think your boys are spoiled at all! But I noticed you have the same kind of "covering" we have .... towels. The boys going through the 'no wake' is great. I got a good chuckle at that photo and there's nothing more special than running to mom for kisses! So I vote for more pictures!

Quixotic Bicycles said...

The last pic is all star.