Thursday, March 20, 2008

three thresholds passed

Threshold #1: I mentioned before that Momo would occasionally blink on a retrieve during our drills if he lost sight of the frozen chukar in a pile of leaves. So I decided to take out one of the frosty quail I had in the freezer and juice it up with some quail scent. That way, if he lost sight of it, he might then realize he could fall back on his much more reliable nose to find the bird.

And so after a few short throws I tossed the little, brown speckled quail some 20ft or so down a trail (into the wind) and it rolled into a pile of brown, speckled leaves and after 15ft, he blinked and wanted to come back. But I just kept reassuring him until his nose did that little skip that says he has something tasty and off he went. And back he came. We'll keep working on this drill because while he should always be able to mark the bird down visually to a reasonable proximity, it is his nose which will get him right there.

Threshold #2: It seems appropriate that the person who inspired me to blog in the the first place, our best friend, Denise Garro, was visitor #4000 since I installed the sitemeter. Wish we had cool t-shirts like Coconino Cycles to send out, but we'll see what else we can find.

Threshold #3: We now have a couch. And two vizslas to fill it. Whoever implied that our dogs were spoiled, all I'm going to say is that even tough, rugged, working dogs need a place to put their feet up (on their owners) at the end of the day. We're actually all very pleased that we can all sit in one place.


BlacknTan said...

Congratulations to all on the couch acquisition!
I can't believe that those V-dogs were existing without one for so long!

Kim said...

This is one reason we have 2 couches. On occasion we actually get to sit alone on the couch! Usually it is only after they have fallen asleep on one couch and we choose the other to sit on!