Wednesday, March 26, 2008

visit from royalty

The two snoozing boys are now snoring. They have had so much excitement that they can't stay conscious. We had our first visit with Brisztow Jones... yes, the real live Urban Mutt, Her Regal Majesty of the Blogosphere.... and her nephew, Baxter. If you're wondering what it's like to have four vizslas in a confined space, look no further.

While we are hardly as fancy as the Upper West Side, our two Bronx-siders know how to show a couple of visiting vizslas a good time in the woods. There was running, jumping, chewing sticks, wrestling, more running, trying to decipher the graffiti and avoiding the crazy guys on the mini-bikes. And they even let Brisztow claim one of our logs as her own sovereign domain. She seemed quite pleased with herself.

Brizstow is a cutey -- and Baxter quite the handsome fellow, too. (Incidentally, Brizstow is just a month older than Momo and Baxter just a month younger than Jozsi.) This great pic is courtesy of Karen, Brisztow's mom, and is (I believe) mostly of Baxter's crazy, monster-mouth as he runs from one human to another to another vizsla and then another.

Now I need to get the boys some formal wear so we can go return the visit and hit Central Park. Sadly, I don't think their new blaze skidplates will qualify.

Training updates: Momo and I did a bunch of blind retrieves today with a juiced up quail. I was deliberately lobbing the quail either into piles of leaves or over the other side of a log so that Momo could track the trajectory of the bird, but not see its final resting place. There was no hesitation this time at all, and so he would head out and then nose around looking for the bird till he found it. He seems to be getting confident in himself -- which was the goal. We'll do it a couple more times before Sunday when we head up to the TMT Preserve to get some actual hunting practice in. I know it's just another picture of Momo with a quail in his mouth, but it was today's quail -- and I am proud of him.


Aggie said...

I like your blog and I also have vizsla puppy who can type.

Rio Rocket said...

Four V's in a small space .... oh I'm so jealous. You should have come to my place. I have a back yard we can romp in and dad still hasn't cleaned up all the logs so there's lots of sticks & wood to chew on. We can bark at the ducks/geese too! Looks like you had tons of fun. Tell dad to pump up the ISO on the new camera so the action shots come out better!

BlacknTan said...

Very nice Andrew! It appears that NYC is becoming V-dog central.. Who'd a thunk it??
BTW, I thought maybe Pietro himself was coming to the Galleria when you mentioned royalty..

Andrew Campbell said...

Geez, get a blogger a new camera and they suddenly become Annie Liebowitz! And actually that's the older P+S camera -- but I do happen to like the 'grain' you get at ISO1600 -- and, besides, a blur more accurately captures four Vs at speed.

I don't know that NYC is really becoming V-town, but the blogosphere just gets us together more easily.

Ziggi and Pesto said...

Just saying hi. Like your blog

Ziggi and Pesto said...

I do appologise for my spelling mistake. I had been on a long walk and my paws were a bit tired - I am really sorry.

Zig x

redgirls-in-scotland said...

We are trying to put a brave face on this. We had suspected. So many clues. So many blogs. Mz Brisztow suddenly absent. Oh woe is us.You got to meet ROYALTY!! (Andrew Campbell you may be a Scot. But. Scot/Nat issues apart you will remember the Great Brit mentality when it comes to blue blood. Bow. Scrape. Tug forelock. Curtsy. Oh yes. Respect. Walk out of room backwards)

Well anyway redgirls are fairly RIGID with jealousy. Stiff upper lips ..where ARE you. Sob.

Andrew Campbell said...

Ziggi: I don't think Momo had a chance to scan your blog yet, so there's no problem there. They're both honored to be recognized in such a way.

Redgirls: so lovely to see you again! And HRH Brisztow Jones is lovely, but I think this was more of a 'Mrs Brown' scenario -- with Brisztow playing Judi Dench to Jozsi's Billy Connelly -- so not so much curtsying, and more frolicking in the great outdoors.

Aggie: thanks for coming by! We'll look out for your adventures, too.

Brisztow Jones said...

I am truly flattered by all of this Royalty talk. I wuff it! Keep it up! Now if I can just convince Mom to see it that way....

Hope to see you soon!

Brisztow Jones.