Friday, July 18, 2008

vacation conclusion

We just returned home... and it is HOT down here in the Baked Apple. Aaarrrgh. We were spoiled by that nice cooler mountain air.

Here are a couple of updates and some pictures. We actually decided to run Overlook Mountain the previous two mornings... which is about 1450' in about 2.5miles... steep enough that it's actually faster and easier on my joints to fast-walk it. And steep enough to really feel it in the quads when you run down. But the path is broad, and covered with relatively smooth gravel so it wasn't terrible.

On the way up on Thursday, though, I found another reptile friend. Sadly no pictures this time, but it was pretty obviously an eastern ribbon snake. How snakes move is just pretty incredible.

As a way of saying thank you to our to our boys for running up and down hills with us, we decided to try and find them a fun place to splash and maybe even teach them to swim. So we heard about a trail with some swimming spots on it and headed in. We followed the barks and then fouond ourselves surrounded by four Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Here's a pic of the six red dogs headed off to find a nice, deep, swimming spot.

Momo has always shown a fair amount of disdain for swimming, but I figured I would try to ease him into it. At the very least, I would try to give him the experience of being out of his depth so that if he ever found himself there by mistake he wouldn't be too freaked out. But this pic is of him getting used to floating and calmly paddling himself back onto shore. He always surprises me about when he gets spazzy and when he decides he's just going to be stoic and tough it out. He swam like a pro.

Jozsi doesn't seem to fear anything. And ever since his first Catskill's adventure, when he slipped off a rock aged something like 12wks old and just quietly chugged his way toards his dad, I figured he would be fine in water. This pic makes it clear that while he was quite safe, he's still in the learning-to-swim, beat the water phase.

But it was nice to let them try something new. Momo and I will be heading up to MA on Sunday for his first re-introduction to birds to try and remind him what 'staunch' means.


Amanda said...

They are too cute swimming! Zoe was such a spaz learning to swim too, but she's got it down like a pro now :)

Rocket said...

There's a Rhodesian Ridge that comes to the dog park where I play. Her name is Sally and she's a bit aloof but will play with me.

I wuf swimming. Haven't done much since mom/dad sold the big pontoon. Big Frown on that one.

Anonymous said...

Love ridgies! If we weren't so enamored of vizslas we would give that breed a try. Cute picture of Jozsi doing the butter-churn in the water.

Buster the Vizsla said...

Personally, swimming is a little too WET for my tastes. I can do it quite well, I just prefer not to.


Makin & Tessa (Lael and Neil) said...

I think we have found one difference between Makin and Momo. Makin loves the water and will swim until she drops. She will chase bugs and any birds she can find. We actually avoid parks with large bodies of water because I am quite certain she would swim to her death in order to get a duck. Those ducks are smart! They let her get close enough for it to be interesting and then move further out. When she first came to live with us I was certain had lost her because we had a check cord on her and she took off in a reservoir with it attached. She was gone into the fog for 20 minutes dragging that cord. When she got to shore she was exhausted.

Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. We are envious!


Dan & Margaret said...

We took some picturs a few years ago at The Dog's Camp of a pair of Vizslas "swimming". They looked in need of rescue. Now I see that it's normal swimming protocol ;0)

redgirls-in-scotland said...

Dear Andrew Campbell did you ever go "doon the watter" on the Waverly - the world's last seagoing paddle steamer? Mum did. Lots. School trips.(Mum is very old indeed you must understand) Some vizslas swim like fishes (Radio did) but we redgirls like to make a big *look at us* SPLASH. And create a wake. Like the Waverly. Like Jozsi.(Who wants to be subtle eh?)Nostalgic ginger ones XXXX