Thursday, July 10, 2008


The Team Vizslamobile is no more. We took it to the dealer to get an oil-change and a tire rotation... and to get a frame inspection. The most interesting part of this whole story is that we found out about the 'not a recall' of 1995-2000 Toyota Tacomas not from Toyota, but from a guy we ran into at the gas station in Bernardston back in mid-April who'd just had his truck bought back.

In any case, we took Team-V-Mobile to our dealer and lo! 'rust perforation'. We had planned to replace our 1996 195K Tacoma in the next two months anyways, so the fact that Toyota is apparently now going to buy back our truck for allegedly 150% of the Kelley Blue Book value at 'Excellent' Condition feels pretty good.

Now we have to find another one. As much as we would love get a better mileage vehicle, having the boys and Their Taj Mahal means that we're pretty much commited to a pick-up... and we do love our Tacoma.

And so while we wait the likely month for Toyota USA to come up with a $$$ number, we have a rental car free-of-charge. Having said that, Enterprise is still trying to find me a pick-up so we can go empty out the Team-V-Mobile and take the boys on some road-trips before hunting season.

In the meantime, here's some Vizslamobile pictures: (from the top): Andrew + Rich after a morning's skeet shooting; the V-Mobile sneaking into the background (also with Andrew + Rich, I think) at the CVVC 2007 Fall Hunt Test; and finally, the back of the truck blessed with Bob + Belle after a day sharing some hunting up in Newburgh.


Rxich said...

The deal is real my friend! My buddy Jay paid $6000 for his Taco 6 years ago. Brought it in for a frame inspection after he got the notice. Got $12,500 for it plus $6000 in incentives towards an 08 Tundra. IE net cost on a fully loaded Tundra = $10,600. Gotta love Toyota! Got an 09 Taco coming to me soon... I hope.

BlacknTan said...

Is that the infamous Bob M.???
Thet Belle is sure a beauty! She was aptly named!!
A lucked out again with the correct year Toy...
Good luck with the new truck....

Rocket said...

At least you have a rental vehicle out of the deal. We too would like to get more MPG but with Rocket's gear/needs a "car" just isn't the thing for us. Plus we have a 28' trailer (to haul the bikes and other stuff) and a 31' boat. So having a big Silverado Duramax 2500 diesel just works. But filling up the tank is a KILLER! and I can't imagine downsizing my Equinox. The leg room ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting information! Our friends have a Tacoma that was made in this date range. I'm going to forward this to them and see if they've gotten a letter.

Andrew Campbell said...

Bill: yes, that it is the infamous, but elusive, Bob M. and the lovely Belle. She is a firecracker and takes no guff from either of my boys.

Rocket: if diesel hadn't shot up in price, I'd be looking for either an imported European Tacoma or a diesel conversion for us. The real answer, at some point, might be to have a car and a truck.

Denis: if your friends live outside the midwest and northeast they may be out of luck. Which is just to say that the inadequate rustproofing on the frames seems to be accentuated on trucks living in states where they salt the roads in the winter.

Rich: hope you're not selling one of the kids for that '09 Tacoma.