Monday, August 20, 2007

cool weather and adventures in the wind

First, here it is... the Khan Shatyr of dog-boxes firmly esconced in the back of the Team Vizsla-mobile.

It's been pretty funny to see this big shift in their personalities and energy levels now that the weather has, hopefully permanently, dipped back into the 70s. It got cooler up here on Saturday and it was as if Momo had woken from a deep sleep. He knows that cooler weather means more fun -- and cooler weather means more energy.

But I think they're actually running and playing more intensely for, ironically, shorter periods of time... which means that when they're out they're helions, but then they crash out even harder (and certainly sleep better). So, we cut out yesterday evening's post-dinner walk and, after a solid night's sleep, we still almost had to drag the Little Prince out for his first promenade-du-jour.

And while he has been using his skills for evil (ie. finding poop in the woods to try and snack on), the Little Prince has been high-nosing and ground-sniffing like a fiend. I might start him on some drills with a pheasant wing soon... or tape one to the outside of his kennel. Actually today was the first day I thought 'Jozsi looks like a little big dog, rather than a big little dog.'

OOOH: The Mominator and I are going to chase some more chukar up in western Mass. next week -- and work on a few drills so he's ready for his hunt tests this fall. If everything goes to plan, we should be meeting up with a 'virtual friend' there, too. Alex has Griffons: it's going to be very interesting: he has never seen a Vizsla hunt, and I've never seen a Griffon hunt. Whoop.

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