Sunday, August 26, 2007

couple of new Mongolia blogs

Blog #1: Annie has finally broken down, decided to abandon e-mail, and awed by how easy blogging must be because The Regal Vizsla looks so good, started her own blog about her time in the Land of the Blue Sky.

Blog #2: Another Fulbright scholar, Jaspal Sandhu, has a nice blog as well. He's not as cool as Annie who's hanging out with Mongolian rockstars -- but his most recent post has a nice reminder about traveling in the Land of No Roads. I do think that, sometimes, Mongolian drivers use cleaning the spark-plugs or changing a tire as either a) a ritual technique to deflect bad luck and b) a chance to stop driving across mud roads in Russian microbuses or jeeps. (The general rule of thumb with these seems to be to skimp on actual suspension, but add a thin layer of quilting on the inside of the vehicle's roof.)

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