Wednesday, August 8, 2007

rediscovered blog

I was fortunate enough to first read Stephen Bodio's book, Eagle Dreams, when I was in Bayan Olgii in western Mongolia. Bodio's book is about his own odyssey to find the source of a photograph he had seen in a 1950s National Geographic, a photograph of a Kazakh eagle hunter.

I'll fill in more of the background to our December 2004 trip to Mongolia at various later points. (We are actually returning in February 2008.) But Olgii is where Bodio's search begins in earnest -- and inspired by the book, we also inquired about whether visiting a Kazakh family that hunted with eagles would be possible when we returned to Olgii after a week in Kazakhstan. And it was.

The point of this post, though, is to let folks know that Stephen Bodio has his own blog. And it has all kinds of cool things on it, including a link to Darne shotguns -- one of the coolest designed shotguns in the world. I'd love to shoot one at some point in my life. So, as you can tell, Bodio and I have several interests in common. Hopefully he'll come visit the Regal Vizsla sometime.

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