Wednesday, August 29, 2007

mysteries of technology

Blogger (the software platform this blog is produced on) has just developed a new feature to allow simpletons like me to a) not have to use YouTube to store video clips, or b) try to learn HTML. To be fair to myself, I made several good faith attempts to learn the code so I could imbed clips that we took and which were stored on our computer, but failed.

And so, in honor of this new feature, and because moving pictures are the only way to really do justice to His Junior Majesty, here are 11 secs of glory. He is such a ribby little monster, but you can see what great lines he has.

Incidentally, I think he's in another growth spurt. His body now seems long by proportion and his head is a little wider. And he's sleeping really hard even though his exercise levels are the same. Ooh, he's now 25.2lbs.


Ulaana said...

Wow! Yer little boy is getting big!

Anonymous said...

So pretty!
Not ballet but close. Maybe with a tutu...