Thursday, August 9, 2007

kudos to T-Mobile + Nordmilch

Who? Well, after months of weanies taking easy swings at professional cycling, it's nice to read that at least two major sponsors, T-Mobile and Nordmilch (who sponsor Milram), have decided to honor their multi-year sponsorship contracts... despite the fact that both teams have hosted some cyclists with dubious nutritional supplement histories. It's refreshing to see that someone with some significant financial investment also believes that a corner has been turned in the constant desire for common ethical standards in cycling.

Here's a nice steroid-free picture of Momo from our Catskill weekend to maintain the optimistic mood.

As of this morning, Jozsi weighed in at 20.5lbs. He's gaining roughly 2lbs a week. Assuming that rate stays fairly steady and that adult body weight can be guestimated at double that of the 4mos weight, then he will come in around 52lbs. We are expecting him to be a little bigger than Momo, and that's about perfect.

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