Sunday, August 12, 2007

weird differences in scale

I'm sure there are smart people who can wax lyrical about what 'local' means in a post-colonial, internet-fueled global context -- and those people are probably Joshua and Nathan at A real pair of Evan Feigenbaums.

Speaking of which, and in a funny, weird-sense-of-scale kind of way: it turns out I have only one degree of seperation from Evan... he went to high school with Dave (of the Chaotic Soliloquoy).

Mini: Anyways, back in Orkney, they're all excited because they had radio coverage of the County Show, the 'premier agricultural show' (presumably in the highlands and islands, or maybe just the outer hebrides, or possibly just the premier agricultural show on the island of Hrossey... it's all about scale). Better click on it quick... they don't let the headlines stick around for too long at The Orcadian.

Midi: In Turkmenistan, Gerbankuly Berdykmukhammedov gave amnesty to eleven prisoners who had been found guilty of trying to assassinate the late, great Turkmenbashi. Having said that, an undisclosed number were not amnestied, but one of those who was was the former mufti for Turkmenistan, Nasrullah ibn Ibadullah. It does make one speculate as to whether the Supreme Turkmen uncovered a plot and rounded up a few extra unsavouries, including the leading Islamic cleric, to keep things neat and tidy. As the article mentions: "For example, ibn Ibadullah had loudly protested against the wide use of Rukhnama or Book of Spirit by Saparmurat Niyazov in mosques." Radio Free Europe strongly suggests as much (and has a nice picture of Berdykmukhammedov, too.)

I wonder if this comment from the article -- "Some specialists in the meantime believe that ibn Ibadullah should actually blame his ethnic roots for what was done to him." -- actually means that ibn Ibadullah wears a beard (like a 'good' Wahabbist) or if he was 'merely' an ethnic Uzbek.

I wonder if there are a few disco DJs or dentists specialising in gold prosthetics in that list of eleven as well.

Maxi: Duh!

And today's weird-sense-of-scale picture is this. His Junior Majesty gets bigger and bigger... now up to 22.5lbs!

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