Monday, August 6, 2007

catskill adventure

We just got back from a lovely couple of days up in the southwestern part of the Catskills. It was Jozsi's first road-trip since a) his 7.5hr marathon drive from Maine, and b) his first vet's visit. So, it was good to have a sub-two-hour drive be his first family vacation. He is fortunately still small enough to ride at Meg's feet or on her lap (while Momo rides in the extended cab space behind the seats). But we are also in the process of ordering a double dog-box for the back of the truck... will definitely post pictures once we have it.

Anyways, the highlights of the trip were:
a) no mosquitos
b) actually cool at night and in the morning
c) having Meg and Jozsi meet Jackie, Bob, and Belle
d) cable TV, but no cell-phone coverage
e) Jozsi's first impromptu swim
f) all of the above

So, this first picture is taken shortly after Jozsi slid off a rock into a pool in the river. He was cool as a cucumber, started doing his doggy paddle, turned around and had his dad scoop him out. Momo, by contrast, has never cared for water, and when he wades up to his chest, it seems like he's being daring. I think this is just a matter of choice on his part: why get wet if you don't have to? Jozsi doesn't seem to get phased by anything except torrential rain. And if I were a small short-haired dog, I would be, too.

The next picture is of Jozsi chugging along this great trail we found in the Park. Wish I could remember the name, but it's the first trailhead on the way north up Route 19 up to Big Indian, and about 2miles after the hugest, craziest YMCA I ever saw. (The story on the Frost Valley YMCA can be found here; the main castle (!) can be found here.) The final picture is Momo looking for creatures out in the misty forest. Lots of great trees and lichens and general all around quiet. Nice.

Anyways, it was also real nice to have my good friend, Bob, come over with his partner, Jackie, and their dog, Belle. They happened to be staying up in Phoenicia and were equally eager to for everyone to meet everyone else. Besides our friends Dudley and Susan, Bob is the only person Meg and I have allowed to look after Momo when we've been out of town. That's the the kind of guy Bob is. It was great to meet Jackie and see who puts up with him -- and I'm sure mildly funny for him to meet Meg and see who puts up with me. Hopefully we'll get to do this as a four-top again -- and me, Bob, Belle and Momo will get some good grouse-chasing days this fall.

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