Thursday, August 23, 2007

hey, tough guy...

Our friend, Steve, husband to Denise (of Flagstaff blog fame), and ace bike builder, is off to the World Off-road Handcycling Championships in Crested Butte this weekend. Here's a pic of Steve in action recently.

You can probably find most of the details on Steve's site at Coconino Cycles about how he ended up riding a handcycle. I will just say this: if he hadn't been in incredible shape when he got hit by that pick-up truck, he'd be dead. Steve is just about walking again, albeit with Canadian crutches. (I feel like there should be a joke in there... but I gather from Denise, who's a medical professional, or at least plays one on TV, that that's the technical name for those extended walking sticks with the forearm braces on them.)

Steve's handcycle was built by Mike Augsberger of OneOff Titanium. My weird small-world story is that Mike was one of the founders of Merlin Bicycles, one of, if not the, original custom titanium bicycle makers. I was in a bikeshop in Somerville, MA, back in something like 1991 and the guy in the shop offered to show me the workshop downstairs. Turned out it was Merlin in its early days! Mike makes awesome bicycles and handcycles.

The point of the post, though, is to wish Steve best of luck!

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