Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mustela Kathiah

As much as I want to shout hallelujah from the rooftops with the news of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's resignation effective September 17th, the rumor that Michael Chertoff might be nominated as his successor is frankly disturbing. How can a guy who can't manage a hurricane disaster be entrusted with the judicial integrity of the presidency?

Sadly, while John Ashcroft and Gonzales were both weasels (actually to be fair to Ashcroft, Gonzales gave weasels a bad name), I wanted to find evidence that this was the first presidency to have two Attorneys General resign during the president's tenure, but I can't. I guess it says something about how riddled with corruption and vice the Grant administration was that the country experienced 5 Attorneys General in 8 years.

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