Monday, August 13, 2007

not a moment too soon

As much as the IHT tries to paint this as a decision 12mos in the making, I only want to imagine that it is a sign of a fatal crack in the White House's hubris that is actually obliging Karl Rove to leave. As much as he may call it 'resignation,' I sincerely hope this is the first public step in what will be reasonable, full, and legal closure to the cases involving the leaking of an active CIA agent's covert status and the firing of numerous U.S. district attorneys.

Perhaps we could arrange a trade-for-oil, where Austria keeps Rakhat Aliyev, but Kazakhstan gets to try Karl Rove instead? Seems more likely to be productive than Dick Cheney's 'Iraq's oil will pay for its own reconstruction' prediction.

If there is any justice in the afterlife, it will be knowing that Phil Drabble will not be sharing space with Karl 'The Jackal' Rove.

A moment too late: for an upbeat moment, though, it turns out that I missed National Melon Day in Turkmenistan on Sunday. While I think a few Uzbeks might dispute this, "since ancient times Turkmenistan has been considered the homeland of the best melons in the world."


Dale Hernden said...

Would you care to modify this post as we now know it was Richard Armitage and Val's husband's report was garbage.

I'd better stick to simply reading your dog related posts..........

Andrew Campbell said...

Dale: nice to see you're reading the back-issues! I will stand by two things:
a) Karl Rove is a jackal;
b) with apologies to my female readers, the debate over who has the best melons has still not been settled.