Monday, August 25, 2008

a few new faces

If you've been noticing a few changes on my blog-roll, there are numerous new additions and a couple of subtractions.

1) I added a couple of Drahthaar blogs -- Wingshooter's Journal and Drahthaar Addiction. While I haven't figured out why wirehaired dogs are a great match for hunting in UT, it's always nice to find blogs by folks who are commited to their dogs (and their fabulous mustaches). I made a nod to the breeding-through-performance commitment that's embodied in a Drahthaar in a post back in January.

Side note: on the topic of breeding-for-performance, Steve Bodio has a nice summary of the issues 'exposed' through the recent BBC documentary on the Kennel Club (and its promotion of genetic deformity) -- and I would encourage folks to read the comments, especially those from Mike at Living with Birddogs. Luisa at Lassie Get Help has her own, albeit similar, take on the predicament. In my opinion, it's too easy just to take a swing at either the AKC or at show-folks -- while the former does enable the worst of the latter, does anyone who really needs a working dog really start with a list of 'reputable' AKC breeders?

2) Brad McCardle has a nice blog out of Lewiston, MT, For Love of Dogs and Birds. And thanks to him I discovered that fellow Montanan, and legendary bird-dog man, Ben O. Williams has now put up the first sections of his own website.

3) I also found a couple of hunting-gathering food blogs which piqued my interest: Fat of the Land and Hunt Eat Live. For those enamoured of wild huckleberries, FOTL has a great post about gathering said jewels in the Indian Heaven Wilderness in WA.

4) I also found Norcal Cazadora's blog. Holly Heyser seems like an interesting woman -- a journalism professor who found hunting at age 41. Amongst other things, and whether entirely self-interested or not, she does gear reviews for women's hunting gear. The piece that caught my eye was this story about a pro-hunting group attacking the NRA for giving millions of dollars to members of Congress with bad records on conservation. It caught my eye because it does seem like a David vs. Goliath struggle -- however, as an umbrella organization (and like the AKC in this regard), the NRA is beholden to a wide-range of groups and as such must struggle with how to prioritize. However, the NRA has also done a fair amount to alienate those of us who don't believe in bazookas-for-all -- and the skeptic in me also likes to see giants wince, if not fall. The comments that accompany Holly's story are worth reading -- and I have yet to do my own due diligence on this.

In the meantime, here are a couple of Team Vizsla pictures from the weekend. At the top, here's the boys and Meg up at the watertower near Blue Lake. We hadn't been up there in almost a year -- and you can see how much Mr. Enthusiasm has grown if you go here. The bottom picture is of the boys in their Taj Mahal newly installed in the new Team Vizslamobile. We got this just over a year ago, too. It's one of the best investments you can make.

For all those who prayed for rust, Bob would like to thank you. His 2000 Tacoma needed a lot more searching, but Toyota is buying back his truck, too. Sadly, for now, he has to ride around in an F-150.


CHAZZ said...

Lookin good. I don't know much about Vizsla's but yuo have got some interesting info here. Thanks for the shout out on Drahthaar Addiction. Keep up your good work.

Delilah and Rocket said...

Hey boyz, you have a beautiful mama! Looks like she takes care of you on the trail with water too.

We get to ride inside the trucks with mom/dad .... na, na, na, na!

Mom is always checking out your blog roll. She says it takes her interesting places when nothing fun is on TV.

Andrew Campbell said...

Chazz: spend some time surfing the blog. There's some pretty broad range amongst vizslas -- our two boys are a good illustration.

Rocket: the boys could ride in the new, double-cab Team Vizslamobile -- but the dogbox keeps them safer should we ever get in an accident. Plus, ours has insulation which helps keeps the boys warm in winter and cool in summer while they wait to hunt -- and has a nifty top-storage compartment to store training gear or guns in. Shawn, the BirdDogDoc, had a post back on July 7th about how much he loves his as well.


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...


It's about time you got the new dog mobile! You have good taste in dog boxes and trucks...I have the same of each!

Our grouse season opens on the 1st! I can't hardly stand the wait!


Anonymous said...


You'll see the importance of a wirehaired coat when you come out west and hunt the Snake River in January :)
Otto will gladly "snuggle" with you in the boat!

Your boys would kill it on the Chukar hills, Vizsla's can really put on the miles!

NorCal Cazadora said...

Thanks for the link!

Regarding the reviews, there's definitely some personal benefit (some free gear), some extra expense (buying expensive gear to review it) and a huge service to women. So few stores carry hunting clothes for us that we often have to buy online. And because women's clothing cuts and sizing aren't really very well standardized, it's nice to have an unbiased source tell you how things fit before you take the plunge (e.g., is it made for short people or tall people, big thighs or skinny thighs).


Dale Hernden said...

Love your blog Andrew! Wish I was computer literate enough to use the color and layouts you do as well.


Winter Bicycles said...

I'd like to see more mustache breeding-for-performance blogging.

Dig the dog box.

Live to Hunt.... said...

Thanks for the reference and link! There is a new interview with Scott Leysath, The Sporting Chef and a special recipe that he made for us. Check it out. Keep up the good work!