Monday, September 3, 2007

couple of nice pics + satire

Here's a nice picture from the other day in a rare moment of calm in the House of Vizslak.

And here's one from this morning's walk around Blue Lake in Sterling Forest. Bob claims he's always found grouse in this part of the forest. My empirical test results suggest that his claims are exaggerated or from a very small sample size. (And yes, I know, Jozsi's e-collar is on upside-down.)

Here's an awesome article from The Onion. It seemed appropriate to post as the Vuelta goes through stage 3... and while Paolo Bettini is winning the sprints and Oscar Freire is currently in the gold leader's jersey, this isn't terribly surprising. The only fact of note so far is that one of my fantasy cycling team guys crashed out after only 90km in the first stage.

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Dan & Margaret said...

I love The Onion. They're just wickedly funny.

Hey, we had a Vizsla running in the fun run last Saturday.. pics will be up on the website probably tomorrow. Margaret, when she saw the pictures wanted to know if it was a Ridgeback with a tail problem, or if it was a Vizsla. ;-)
I've also gotten pics of them at other trials, and at Dog Camp.