Tuesday, September 4, 2007

blogs of note

Notation #1: I found Dan & Margaret's long-dog site via Stephen Bodio. If Craig Koshyk is the king of 'versatile dog' photography, then Dan & Margaret may be the king and queen of sighthound photography. Their blog about travelling the sighthound circuit is here.

Dan has already managed to mildly lampoon me for being a U.Michigan graduate. I have enough strength of character to know when an athletic program takes itself too seriously -- this article from The Onion says enough.

Notation #2: Through Dan & Margaret I quickly checked out Patrick Burns's Working Terriers blog. If we didn't have Vizslas, there's a good chance we'd have a Jack Russell (or an Airedale). Not sure which of those is nuttier, but they're close!

Notation #3: Here's the Junior Majesty working his magic on a pheasant wing a couple of days ago. I have a bunch of pheasant and chukar wings I clipped from my and Momo's trip up to western MA last week drying in the garage. I don't think he can quite believe that such smells should be in the same place as engine oil and anti-freeze (both safely out of reach).

Notation #4: As for the Vuelta, god bless the Russian! Vladimir Efimkin of Caisse D'Epargne put the hammer down and won today's 4th stage. He's one of those guys who's just under the radar -- like a Sylvain Chavanel or Jean-Patrick Nazon -- a guy who may never win a grand tour, but who has the guts and stubborness to win a stage. And in the process, he managed to put the hurt on Cadel Evans who got slightly dropped by Devolder, Sastre, and Menchov. Glad I picked him for my fantasy cycling team.

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