Friday, September 14, 2007

holy miracles, Batman

I'm frankly stunned. I think the French are, too. Scotland has probably now been relegated to the Axis of Evil by Nicholas Sarkozy. 'Scotch whiskey' has now probably been re-named 'Liberty Liquor'.

Scotland beat France, in France, during World Cup qualifying competition two days ago. The wee tartan train that could... And what a magic goal! Radio Clyde's Peter Martin is no Phil Drabble or John Arlott, but his voice says it all.

Alex Massie has it right, though. Just what we need is hope. Shades of Argentina '78... "we're on the way with Allie's army, we're going to the Argentine..." Archie Gemmill's phenomenal goal against the Netherlands was the sole highlight.

We had to declare war on Argentina four years later to make up for that resounding disappointment. The Argentines had the good sense to surrender the day after the 1982 World Cup began.

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