Tuesday, September 25, 2007

living with Vizslak

After my last few days of ranting about the state of the world, I realise it's time for a picture of the boys. For those of you who don't have Vizslak (the plural of Vizsla, apparently), here's a newer phenomenon to us. Not so much sitting on a chair, but climbing onto the top edge of the seat cushion. Odd. Or better... eccentric.

Now, it would be fair to say that we could require our dogs to stay off furniture (and they are only allowed on some). But there is some real joy to be had from having a tired happy Vizsla asleep on your feet, your lap, or your head. It's only when they're jockeying for position that it's actually inconvenient.

And yes! that's the little one in the foreground... all 31lbs of him!

My parents arrive tomorrow for roughly two weeks. Hope they like eccentric dogs.


Rocket said...

Awwwww! What cute guys. It must have took me 4 months to wear down my husband and talk him into letting Rocket on ONE piece of furniture. I had to negotiage that the couch would be covered w/a towel or blanket before Rocket could lay on it. After all that verbal jousting guess who lays on "the dogs couch" and takes up all the snuggles the most - DAD!

Andrew Campbell said...

It is a slippery slope, for sure. Clif Boggs, the man who literally wrote the book on Vizslas, claims that he never let his dogs up on furniture.

For some reason we never covered the red chair... I imagine we'll get a washable, dark-colored cover for the couch I think we're going to buy so the whole family (or at least one parent and both dogs) can lounge together.