Saturday, September 29, 2007

swollen noses

My apologies for the delay in posting. We've had a hectic time with my folks in town -- and sadly, we've been a little distracted even from attending to them because we've been trying to also take care of The Mominator.

He got stung about 20times by bees (we think) on Wednesday... a few around his nose and head, but most on his back legs and butt, presumably as he ran away. We gave him Benadryl for a day which helped eliminate most of the hives and some of the itching... except by Thursday afternoon, he's already gouged himself in the nose trying to scratch. So then we started regular cleanings and applying Neosporin. And made him wear his other e-collar: the Elizabethan collar, a.k.a. The Lampshade.

Yesterday morning it looked like swelling had stopped going down (although there was still some), but the itch was obviously still there. By the time I got home last night, it was obvious he had some kind of secondary infection as well as histamine still in his system. And so we went to the after-hours vet. He's now on steroids and antibiotics -- and even after just 12hrs treatment he seems a little happier and his nose a little less swollen.

However, with his drug load, he will therefore be ineligible to race in the Cycling World Championships roadrace for Hungary tomorrow. However, if you go there quickly, you'll see that he got a nice shout-out from Wendy & Chris at Widdershins about his performance at the VCCNE hunt tests. (And congratulations to Seeker and Kay C on their performance, too.)


denise garro said...

I'll never forget when the dogs got lice from prob. rolling in a dead animal during a warm winter. or warts all over there mouths. or a UTI. or ticks. or the shits 3-5 times during the night for a week. - some variation of that happens 3-5times a year. of course the skunk sprays. now we have entered old dog needs. glucosamine is great... glad momo is feeling better......

Ulaana said...

Good lord! Poor Momo!