Thursday, October 4, 2007

... and all I got...

It was the first day of hunting season for us... and all I got was this nice picture of a warm, happy dog standing in some lovely leaves. While every hunter has a litany of excuses, I'm sure, it was a difficult day to find anything.

The temperature was warm, rising from about 60degF to roughly 75degF, overcast, and humid. Sadly, there was little to no breeze to speak of either. And there was a lot of leafy ground cover. Did I mention that Momo is recovering from an infection to his nasal area?

On the bright side, Momo was happy as a clam to be free of The Lampshade and eager to run around a new area looking for little feathered monsters. Being the first week of the season, we saw quite a few other cars despite it being mid-week, but (and again, as consolation perhaps) heard only five shots in four-and-a-half hours. In any case, my father was pleased for the exercise and the company, human and canine, and we for his.

We have a much better idea where we'll start next week. No more farting around in chest high grass, that's for sure.


Dan & Margaret said...

But it's a nice picture! Since we hunt in the anachronistic fashion where the hounds *are* the weapon, and can only be done legally in the Western US.. I'm totally out of the loop on what hunting seasons have started here in the East and Midwest. So what were you hunting? I just saw a flock of about 30 turkeys this morning while walking the staghounds. And yesterday, I let go of Sandia's leash at the campground to go after a squirrel. I don't think we're going to have a problem with his desire :)

Andrew Campbell said...


Thanks! Small game season opened in NYS on Monday (10/1) and, so in addition to ruffed grouse, the place we went (Stewart Airport in Newburgh) also does some pheasant stocking. Pheasant season is done 12/31, but grouse season goes through the end of Feburary. With all six birds in the southern part of the state roaming free we need the extra two months to stand a chance!

As I'm sure it is with you, hunting is all about the dog -- so we don't chase turkey or waterfowl.