Sunday, October 21, 2007

weird kharma flows

Flow #1: Boston wins Games 6 & 7 in convincing fashion to go the World Series against Colorado.

Flow #2: U.Michigan wins, in however less convincing fashion, against Badger-slayers Illinois.

Flow #3: With Andy Schleck's fourth place in the Giro di Lombardia, the final major race of the professional road racing season, Andrew (in the guise of 'Team Chinggis') wins his fantasy cycling sub-league for the third year in a row and finishes 90th worldwide out of 1377 competitors. Those interested in playing in next year's competition can go here.

Flow #4: Andrew avoids prosecution by the Department of Environmental Conservation by the skin of his teeth. See notes below.

Flow #5: In the Ditch-chickens versus Team Vizsla competition, I am regarding a bird seen crossing the road as equal in score to a bird found and flushed, but not shot. Details can be found in the notes below, but after this morning's action, the score remains Ditch-chickens 2 Team Vizsla 0.

Notes: Bob and I decided to go hunt early this morning... hoping that we'd catch a decent parking spot and be able to mop up some birds from the previous day's Youth Hunt. We got there at 7am and quickly realized there were a lot of people out. However, shortly before Bob got there, I realized that I had left my hunting permit by the computer (because I was trying to buy a non-resident permit for Maine on-line). So, we hummed and hawed, but decided to go in anyways -- and if necessary just flubber in front of any law enforcement that might show up. I am legally licensed, but also absent-minded. (To be honest, I was pleased I had remembered my boots after re-waterproofing them the night before.)

We drove around for over an hour trying to find a parking spaces. This was made even more frustrating by the two dufuses from NJ who pulled out in front of us, then proceeded to drive at stalling speeds, missed the first turn off into a prime field, and then came in the second entrance. I like hunting, but I yielded the spot to an obvious lack of pretty much anything considered common decency or basic intelligence.... and cursed them a lot. (The picture is of Belle directing my driving.)

Besides one pheasant looking to qualify for the Gallinaceous Bird Track Team, ie. it ran like crazy to avoid the Belle-Momo tag-team, which finally lofted itself behind some trees thereby avoiding a shot from the Bob-Andrew tag-team, we wandered some nice fields and watched various assorted violations like not parking in a designated spot, hunting on both sides of the road, hunting in a party of four. But being someone in violation myself, I also yielded the high ground in favor of some low-breath mutterings.

So after a couple of hours, we headed back. (The highlight of the walk might actually have been that Jozsi is clearly not gunshy. Where we were parked was right next to a police firing range. We're trying to load up the dogs and multiple semi-automatic pistols start firing off about 25yards away. Phased? The wee tanker? No, sir. And here's a pic of the happy, tired soul.) We were about to leave when a DEC Enforcement jeep pulls up and asks us to stay. The fellow then walks over and starts asking about the day and then asks to see my gun to make sure it's not stowed in the back of my car loaded. I unpack it -- being prepared for NYC, it's broken down, trigger-lock on, locked in a case, locked in the storage section of the dog's Taj Mahal. He then says 'thank you' and heads over to Bob. There is no mention of a hunting license and I certainly didn't volunteer it.

I left and got a phone call from Bob 10mins later. We're both laughing.


Ulaana said...

Damn the man! You still need to get a Visa for Mongolia though....

Dan & Margaret said...

Re: Flow 2. I would have to disagree that Michigan's win was "less convincing", all things considered. IE road game, no Mike Hart, Henne missing 4 drives with various arm injuries. Granted, I only saw the last 7 minutes of the game.. beginning with the muffed fair catch. And I will admit that Illinois contributed generously to its own demise. ;^)

Andrew Campbell said...

Dan: nice to hear from you! What I initially meant was that Michigan looked less convincing than the Red Sox did in their respective win. Nevertheless, the first quarter looked like blundersville to me... two-play scoring drive to open the game for Illinois, sacks, fumbles... kudos to U.Michigan for getting the game back, no doubt, but if they take a quarter to settle in against OU in November, that game will already be over.

Having said that, a Mike Hart-less U.Michigan does seem more convincing than a Tom Brady-less Patriots team.

Nice pics of Sandia on your blog. That's one heck of a dashboard, too.