Monday, October 29, 2007

big broom...

It's over. Till the next time. Charles Pierce at Slate has a nice column on the Red Sox win in the World Series, including some speculations on whether next year's Red Sox will look more different than next year's Yankees.

With A-Rod deciding to opt out of his contract with the Bombers next year, BUT with Sox 3rd baseman Mike Lowell being named World Series MVP, it will be interesting to see who is willing to spend the money for Alex Rodriguez. Nevertheless, as Pierce astutely points out: "If the Red Sox shuffle him out of town — and worse, if they shuffle him out of town in favor of trying to [sic] bring in the Antichrist from the New York Yankees — the good feeling of the 2007 championship is going to dissipate very quickly." Here's hoping this possibility won't be another J.D. Drew or Eric Gagne-style piece of speculative bungling by Theo Epstein.

In other news: the opening day for bird-chasing in Sterling Forest is Thursday.

In more news: looks like we'll be spending Veteran's Day weekend headed up to western Maine to visit our friends, Dudley and Susan, and introduce them to His Junior Majesty -- and where hopefully Dudley and I can chase some grouse for a couple of days.

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