Wednesday, November 14, 2007

big game season...

I forgot to mention that Jozsi's half-birthday was yesterday. He is therefore six-months old and a whopping 41lbs. And in a pleasant personality development, he's become quite snuggly. Until a couple of weeks ago he was stridently independent, although clearly devoted to us. Now... he's a big softy-pants. But still quite vicious and manly, of course.

However the highlight of this post is really to flag that The Redgirls have a fabulous post on their site about the Opening Day of their game season. I am very impressed at their prowess on H. vulgaris... although it looks like they had the wee beasties on flat ground and therefore at a significant disadvantage.

Not sure if they were pen-reared or genuinely wild haggis, but it's great to see the girls using their genetic abilities to the full.

It inspired me to see whether our two monsters had any latent skill on the wee beasties. As you can tell, Momo couldn't quite his snout around it, but Jozsi being the wee tanker was all over the two specimens we had kept for just this purpose.


redgirls-in-scotland said...

We have come over all shy and coy and are blushing like mad. Fortunately nobody can tell.

Momo and Jozsi we love your blog and today spent a lot of time going back to the beginning. SERIOUS bird dogs. And you've got your humans properly at your beck and call. Nice. We are impressed.

Andrew Campbell. Our mum says you can't have a name like that and not be Scottish somewhere. Is she right??? (btw she was VERY impressed indeed by your grasp of the complexities of hunting H. Vulgaris )

Andrew Campbell said...

Redgirls -- Their Majesties are, indeed, flattered that you have come to visit them. To be honest, they're not really SERIOUS bird dogs... most of the time they're just really having fun with their feathered foes.

And yes, your mum is correct... Scottish born and bred, but living in the States now for a long time. The folks live up in the Orkneys now, hence the links to The Orcadian.

Sadly, though, haggis populations have struggled to get a foothold here in New York State. Which is why we have to rely on farm-raised haggis and simul-haggis for training purposes.

cheers from here

redgirls-in-scotland said...

our mum says. 1) she has never understood the Orcadian word. Now she does. Thank you 2)no Haggi in NY state. Maybe not enough hills??

Oh and mum looked today at your not dog posts. And wartime. And Andrew's Scot rellies. And baby Andrew's first Dog. Aww. Nice.

Andrew Campbell said...

Redgirls: lovely to see you here again so soon. I wonder if the reason there's no genuinely wild haggi in NY because there are no genuine predators to keep them wild. Without anyone or anything crazy enough to eat the weak ones, the haggi just lost their Darwinian edge to adapt and survive. I'm glad the Redgirls are doing their bit to keep Scotland wild.

I love that baby pic, myself, too. Didn't see it till I was at least 30yrs old -- but once I saw it, my love of dogs made sense.