Tuesday, November 20, 2007

bits and bobs

1) Jozsi continues to grow. He must be about 85% the size of his brother, Momo, but is about a gajillion feet longer. Whenever it gets to the end of the day, trying to get him off his chair and out to the bathroom nearly always takes picking him up. At which point, he extends himself to his fullest... which seems to be about 19ft.

We sent in his AKC papers today. We've decided to stick with the simple -- but wanted to honor both his mother's owners by including both their kennel names. His Junior Majesty will henceforth be known as Widdershins Upwind Jozsi. Here's a picture of all three of the boys relaxing in front of the Patriots vs. the Bills. Momo is a diver: his butt can just barely be seen under my right shoulder.

2) I have no idea which depth of my ever-fogging brain I pulled this out of, but somehow the name Nogbad the Bad kept coming in my mind. Maybe it was something to do with officially 'christening' His Junior Majesty. Dredging further, I extracted the children's series Noggin the Nog. As you can see, Noggin's trip to the moon inspired the cult-classic The Clangers.

3) Lloyd Carr has officially retired. He was a good coach, but seemed to lack that edge that makes a good coach genuinely great. Somehow I had missed this headline in September from The Onion about U.Michigan being dropped to NCAA Division III. That should make some of the interdivisional play in the MIAA conference a little easier -- although since their National Championship glory days of 1994, Albion College (just down the road) also seems to have been struggling.

4) Annie-bagsh has a great post on her blog about getting back to eastern Mongolia and visiting the monastery in Choibalsan for the Shiini Nam celebration. It's almost three years to the day since we were in Choibalsan. There are rumors of a Super Walmart opening up -- but those may just be vicious rumors spread by her brother.


Ulaana said...

Yeah, the Super Walmart in Choibalsan is a few blocks from the Whole Foods and Jamba Juice! HA!

Dan & Margaret said...

It wasn't all that funny once Oregon moved all the way to number 2 before losing their Heisman candidate QB... 8^)

Andrew Campbell said...

I feel genuinely bad for Dennis Dixon and for Oregon. (I wonder if Austin Murphy at SI will be proven right, and that Dennis might still get at least an invite to the Heisman Awards ceremony in NYC.) I guess it proves that the Ducks were, sadly, a team carried by a single, great player -- and maybe perhaps not therefore deserving of such a high ranking.

Having said that, if anything, BCS rankings have been proven imminently debateable, if not fallible.


Dan & Margaret said...

Kansas were certainly a case in point, eh? (note the clever NHL/Hockey Night In Canada syntax).
Not to mention the once Number 5 Wolverines. :)

Rocket said...

Ah! Lounging in front of the football game. That only happens around here if we pre-plan. We have to look up what time the Lions game start and plan a dog park or field outing beforehand so that our little love monster will nap & snuggle throughout the game.