Friday, November 9, 2007


We are about to head out on a wee road-trip ultimately ending up in western Maine to visit our old friends from Maine, Susan and Dudley. The last time I was up there I was on the way to Widdershins to pick up His Junior Majesty -- so this will be the first time they get to meet the Boy Genius. I feel sorry for them... actually I feel sorry for their German Shorthair, Lida.

But first of all, we're going to meet up with Ella, Cedar, and Kyler tomorrow afternoon up at our favorite game farm in western MA. (Rich and Mike will be there, too, but as ever, it's all about Team Vizsla.) We're going to do a bunch of drills to get the dogs dialed in again. For example, encountering so many birds in the bird-fields at his hunt tests, Momo is no longer steady-to-shot because he was so eager to get the next bird. And having a couple of extra hands to steady dogs and flush birds will help make it explicit to the dogs what's expected of them.

Then, after spending the night at Forest King Vizslas, we're going to meet up with other folks from the VCCNE at their pheasant hunt at Hedgerow Hunt Club just down the road in Royalston. And then we zip up north to end up on Mooselookmeguntic Lake. And then the chaos begins.

Properly speaking, Sunday is Veterans Day -- the origins of which in the United States can be found here. As we know it in Britain, the origins of Rememberance Day can be found here while the particular efforts of PoppyScotland can be found here. Please take a moment this weekend to remember someone's service.

Hopefully we can also get the boys on some ruffed grouse on Monday and Tuesday. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, here's a fun 15secs of video from our up to Newburgh 10days ago -- the highlights of which can be found here.

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