Monday, November 26, 2007


Ingredient #1: Kudos to Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles. I actually stayed up past my bedtime to see if they would pull off an upset to equal Arkansas's recent win over #1 ranked LSU. They didn't, but they sure as heck made the Pats work for every point.

Randy Moss was shut down, Tom Brady was harried by an endless series of blitzes, the Pats running game looked imminently fallible. By contrast, AJ Feeley looked more like the starting QB than the back-up and Brian Westbrook took every yard he could possibly get. And, at least in my opinion, the guy who really showed up out of relative obscurity to help win the game wasn't Asante Samuel (with his 2 interceptions), but Jabar Gaffney.

Ingredient #2: I heard the first few bars of the State of Maine's official Christmas song on the radio. It makes sense that the Pine Tree State would stake a claim to an official Tannenbaum ode -- but I had no idea it had such a history. Or an authorized CD.

Ingredient #3: It's deer season in NY. The boys and I are limiting our time in the woods between now and December 10th to minimize the possibility of an accident. Hopefully we'll get to chase some pheasant at a friend's club in ten days or so.

In the meantime here's a phone photo of Vizslas at speed here in the Bronx. It's a nice blend of 'wild' and 'urban tough'... maybe that's a gangsta log... we're especially fond of the graffiti on downed trees around here.


Jim said...

Man, I kinda wish I was still up in Syracuse. I miss deer hunting. Nothing like some marinated grilled venison steaks. Or deer jerky. Mmmmmmmmm...

Andrew Campbell said...

Jim -- nice to hear from the Rouleur. Have some whitetail steaks sitting in the freezer and have enjoyed some lovely ground sitka black-tail deer and Maine moose all courtesy of friends. For me, at least, hunting is all about the dogwork so I don't think we'll be graduating to 'big game' anytime soon.


dave said...

The picture of your beasts running the bronx is cool. It looks like one of them has rabbit ears.

Hope your fall/winter is going well.

Andrew Campbell said...


One of the things Vizslas are known for is their ability to point 'fur', ie. rabbits. What most folk don't realise is that they use disguises to get real close to the bunnies.

Fall is going well. Hope you're enjoying your break... even if it's just brief respite.


Rocket said...

So you're in "The Bronx" do you boys go out with spray paint? When I think of NY I think of The Big Apple and city type stuff.

Andrew Campbell said...


We leave the spray-painting to others... that and all the underage drinking under the overpass. Adds a new dimension to the meaning of wildlife.