Wednesday, November 28, 2007

hoots, mon

Chinggis was a Scotsman! Or at least maybe an honorary one. Post facto.

Annie just sent the announcement that there will be a St. Andrews Night Celebration on Friday at the Steppe Inne, Ulaan Baatar's coolest, diminutive nightspot. As Paul Bacon writes on iExplore: "Whereas most embassies around the world are more renowed for diplomacy and issuing visas, the British Embassy in Mongolia is famed for the pub that sits in its grounds."

Alexa, a former NGO worker in UB, has a little of the history of the Steppe Inne here from her 2006/2007 blog, AYearinMongolia.

Andrew McLaughlin of mentions the Steppe Inne in a longer journal entry about the non-Mongolian food selections in UB. He wrote his piece in 2003: I enjoyed a Millie's cappucino when we were there in December 2004 -- and while we did enjoy the food at Taj Mahal, if you're looking for Indian food in the capital, we heartily recommend the restaurant at the Puma International Hotel just off Sukhbaatar Square.

And here's Dan Murdoch's very recent post about passing through UB in a mini-convoy of Trabants. Not so much about the Steppe Inne, but a fun, funky, and random travelogue entry on their way through UB last week: "The Mongolian version of Vodka Red Bull. I'll have a double Genghis with Genghis."

But here's an encylopaedic entry on St. Andrew from Wikipedia: incidentally, Andrew is also the patron saint of Greece, Romania, and Russia. But they don't have bars in Mongolia.


Ulaana said...

If yer lucky, maybe I'll invite you to the Steppe Inne when you come visit (I'm a member). However, I'll never teach you the secret handshake ;)

denise garro said...

Happy birthday Andrew.......hope you had a great day yesterday.........maybe we will see you in jan.........

redgirls-in-scotland said...

Ummmm. Who on earth is Chinggis. Never heard of he/she/it. Scotsman you say?? Sounds ummm Mongolian (bit random we know)But glad you are remembering St Andrews. And hope you are not getting too expatty to remember that at this time of year the world need not be all orange. Pink rocks.

Ginger hugs XXXX

Andrew Campbell said...


Chinggis Xhan... otherwise known as Genghis Khan to the rest of the world. The man that brought us global domination and paper-currency.

Thanks for coming to see us so soon.


PS: my brother made up some lovely hot-pink tartans when he was getting his degree in woven textile design.

redgirls-in-scotland said...

ooooops. Gengis Khan.Well even our dozy mum has heard of HIM!! SOOORRREEE! XXX

Andrew Campbell said...

Red-girls... I'm sure if you wrote your blog with an Aberdonian accent most folk wouldn't recognize the words either. 8-)