Sunday, July 22, 2007


What a day! The puppies have played a lot -- but the big excitement of the afternoon was the two of them getting into some ground wasps. Momo took at least one sting to the nose (which swelled up pretty good on one side) and one to the top of his head; Jozsi took two to the side of his face and one on his shoulder, none of which swelled particularly. Interestingly, Momo didn't make a sound and Jozsi turned into a whelping whirling dervish. We gave Momo some Bendryl and 1hr later, his swelling has come down and his generally gregarious personality had returned.

Here are some pics from the last few days. Again, I've posted them small, but if you click on them, the pics will blow up to full-size. The first is of what we're now calling the Harry Potter Tree. We had a big lightning storm on Wednesday morning and there were some loud strikes nearby. This tree took one of them and the blast stripped a piece of bark about 6" wide from the point-of-impact all the way to the ground.

This next one is from this morning. In the division of labor, I have night and early morning duty which means that I sleep on the edge of the bed next to Jozsi's kennel and put my fingers through the door grate to calm him till he falls asleep. When he wakes in the morning, I let him out and take him to the bathroom. This is about 5:30am. Meg then generally gets up around 6:30am and takes Momo for a run; Jozsi and I then meet them in the park so they can run around together outside. Anyways, the picture is of what generally happens in the 5:30 - 6:30am period: the three boys figure out a way to nap on the chaise-longue.

When it's not bird-season, Momo gets his points in on rabbits (which he has done some amazing points on, ie. in the dark and when I've shone a flashlight to where he's pointing, lo!, there's a bunny) and on butterflies and dragonflies. This seems to be the case for Jozsi, too. Here's his first point on butterflies followed by his first attempted pounce on a butterfly.

The final picture just gives a nice picture of him working his way through the grass. Where Momo always had a lot of extra skin ('junk' is the technical Vizsla breeders' term, apparently), Jozsi has very little, and is a very lean and ribby pup. His tail seems to have been docked a little longer than Momo's, too. Assuming he can graduate from bugs to birds, he's going to be a very stylish dog in the field.

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Rocket said...

LOVE the chase lounge picture! Reminds me of when Rocket was younger.