Friday, July 27, 2007


Who's the bigger idiot? Our contenders are:

a) Dick Pound of the IOC's World Anti-Doping Agency: it's almost not fair to idiots to include Richard in this list, but his latest piece of nonsense is to call for a focus on doping in cycling because the increased testing is 'obviously insufficient.' Hmmm, the UCI increased its testing measures and caught some guys, so there's a problem in cycling when testing is successful... which means that the EPO-fueled 1980s and '90s when no-one was getting caught must have been a little utopia for Richard. The UCI has politely reminded the world why Richard is as reliable as the Team Milram teambus.

b) Greg Lemond: I'm sorry you got shot by your brother, were sexually abused as a child, and that your father was a lousy choice as a business partner. I'm sorry you've been eclipsed by Lance Armstrong -- your win over Laurent Fignon in the final time-trial was remarkable because of the margin you were able to make up and because of what it did for cycling technology. But enough already. You can still be regarded as a talented champion if you don't squander your 15mins of fame by acting like a complete misanthrope. He is reported as saying: "The speed at which the riders go up the climbs is as fast as in the Pantani times. That is a shock to me." Yeah. And Olympic records haven't changed since the first modern games of 1896 either.

Wait, wait... wasn't the concluding time-trial of the 1989 Tour the fastest non-prologue ITT to that date? And didn't it remain the fastest non-prologue ITT till 2005? You calling Dave Zabriskie a doper, too, big guy? Or just everyone else?

c) Eric Boyer: Just a day after calling Alexander Vinokourov a 'big bastard,' the entire Cofidis was withdrawn because one its riders, Christian Moreni, tested positive for synthetic testosterone. Eric, you're the team MANAGER, who's the silly numpty now?

Our dogs are still smarter than most government officials, several professional cyclists & managers, and Alberto Gonzales... oops, sorry, he's not stupid, he just wouldn't know the truth if it bit him.

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