Monday, July 9, 2007

Podcasts: on cycling and the state of the world

I just starting subscribing to a couple of new podcasts recently: two for Tour de France coverage, and another for newsy-type stuff.

1) Found this podcast from (who just bought out Sorry this link is to the general website... lots of good stuff on it, but to find the actual podcast I'd go through iTunes. Maybe low on actual statistics (ie. who came third or fourth), but actually has interviews. Best part is that the two English guys on it obviously love cycling but aren't either a) Bob Roll or b) Dick Pound.

2) Here's another well-established one: The Fredcast. Definitely slicker (and therefore not quite as fun as the boys at, but does actually give you a few more concrete details.

3) I thought I'd try and stay a little more in touch with politics back home in Britain by subscribing to the BBC Radio 4 Today program. The podcast format seems to be largely extended interviews with prominent political figures. My Vizsla may be smarter than a lot of government officials (and certainly more honest that virtually all of them), but John Humphrys does his darndest to keep those elected wombats honest. While it's also obvious that there is a mutual respect between him and whoever he's interviewing, he wasn't letting Alastair Campbell (Tony Blair's former press director) away with anything this morning. If you'd like evidence of why public speaking and debate should be part of any student's education, I'd suggest you listen here. If you already are of the opinion that while Tony Blair may have played lap-dog, this will sadly confirm that he did in fact 'play poodle' to George Bush's sasquatch.

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