Tuesday, July 17, 2007

love poem to two dogs

the smells of farm hay
and warm waxy ears,
his little white superhero logo,
the deep keel of his chest

leaps of abandon, flailing paws,
teeth flashing, gums flapping,
in absolute love and adoration

collapsing exhausted
as if suddenly muscles failed
making long puppy legs splay

we are blessed
by their panting breath and padding feet,
their ribs, tongues, and tails --
and their undiluted fullness of life

1 comment:

Rocket said...

What a LOVELY poem. Certainly written from the heart of one who knows the unquestionable love our 4-legged children endlessley bestow upon us. Thank you for sharing. Come on over and visit our little boy at www.RioRocket.BlogSpot.com

Wishing you a terrific day!